Welcome to Cross Roads for Human Development

logoCRHD Vision and Mission:

To cross all human made roads to promote Human development by providing Education and Training skills for young people.

Through education, we aim to break down barriers in order to bring about equality and justice and thus transform the lives of the underprivileged:

CRHD Ethos:

CRHD is an Ecumenical Christian Organisation

CRHD is an independent NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) having charitable status in the UK and India.

CRHD projects in India are inclusive and do not exclude anyone on grounds of caste or creed

CRHD is fully committed to reducing the extreme poverty in the area of Raichur, Karnataka State, India, by supporting educational development programmes


CRHD Aims:

To support and expand Kids Paradise school in Turukanadoni village

To support and expand a women’s project in Raichur providing medical advice, family counselling, tailoring skills & adult literacy classes

To raise capital for the construction of the education centre in Raichur

To access and raise funds in India through indigenous resources

To build a student hostel for less privileged young people

To set up an agricultural project

To provide a training centre for teachers and Christian pastors

To facilitate Inter-faith dialogue

mapAlthough India is considered to be one of the fastest developing countries, many rural Indians still struggle in abject poverty. This is generally due to a lack of education which empowers young people by developing their knowledge and skills. The reality is that millions are still unemployed even in modern-day India. The purpose of CRHD is therefore to strive for a holistic approach towards human development for those who are politically oppressed, socially considered to be outcasts and economically exploited in various ways.

To help address this, CRHD opened Kids Paradise nursery school in 2002 and the Higher Primary school in 2004. CRHD also started two Women’s Tailoring Training Centres which aim not only to help women develop their skills but also to enable them to become self employed. In this way CHRD works towards the total Human Development of people.

CRHD is an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) dedicated to change in India by focusing on basic education which is a necessary tool in bringing about Social and Economic change for the underprivileged people of India. In addition it addresses health care, the environment and the socio-economic conditions of women so as to empower them in Indian Society.


CRHD Organisation Profile:

CRHD is a registered society /trust both in India and the UK.

CRHD has FCRA certification from the government of India to receive funds from abroad.

CRHD has income tax exemption under 80 G in India


CRHD Achievements:

Established a Higher Primary School in 2002 and now has a roll of 200 children.

Established Two Women’s Tailoring Training Centres which have trained more than 500 women from various socio-economic and religious backgrounds.

Has purchased 5.4 acres of land for Educational purposes.


CRHD Highlights:

100% of the children in our school are from the village.

100% are farmers’ children.

100% of the children belong to families living below the poverty line.

Due to lack of transportation, the school provides a school Jeep for staff to travel in to school on time.

The main occupation of parents is either farming or work as daily labourers.

95% of the children’s parents are illiterate

The school has 9 well qualified teachers (with a teachers’ training diploma or degree)

Classes range from Nursery to year Seven with a total strength of 200 children.

The tailoring centre has three well qualified staff to train women from different social, economic and religious backgrounds.

There is a committed and qualified manager to oversee all activities of CRHD in India.


CRHD Management:

In India CRHD is registered as a society No: SOR129: India, and managed by a Board of Trustees, assisted by volunteers who propose and oversee specific activities. The volunteers come from different walks of life; from a Professor to an ordinary labourer. It is their commitment and dedication that unites them in striving to fulfil the aims of CRHD. All its activities are managed by the executive members in India:

Rev Dr. Swami Raju (Chairman)
Mr. John Wesley (President)
Mr. Vijaya T (Secretary)
Mr. Abel Anandapppa (Treasurer)
Mr. Ravi Bhushan (Director)
Mrs. Y Daniel (Manager)
Mr. Paul Basappa (Member)
In the United Kingdom, CRHD is registered as a nonprofit Trust No: 1116524. It has received tax-exemption as a public charity. All those who wish to donate may therefore participate in GIFTAID, thus increasing their contribution by the government’s refund of income tax. Although it has a board of trustees that meets once in a year for the Annual General Meeting, it is managed by the following executive members of CRHD in the UK:

Rev. Gill Evans (President)
Rev. Dr. Joseph Suray (Chairman)
Mr. Peter Holdridge (Secretary)
Mr. Eric Wardle (Treasurer)