Cross Roads for Human Development

News Update May 2012

Dear friends,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am sure you all must be awaiting to hear the update of the CRHD project in India. Before I hand this letter over to Marilyn Draycott from Trinity Methodist Church in Leicester and a one of the trustees to update us all about the ministry of CRHD, let me say a big THANK YOU for all your prayers, thoughts, encouragement and financial support for the on-going work in Raichur, India.


"On a dull November day I set out with my husband and son to meet up to Joseph, Peter, Ann and Andy at the airport to begin our journey to India. How fortunate I was to be making a return visit. After some sight-seeing we made our way to Raichur to see the progress at Kids Paradise School and the Nuthan Sewing Centre. What a privilege it is to see this work first hand. On my first visit the School was only one storey high, now it is two making extra class rooms for the growing number of children, plus a separate building for the kitchen and across the field another building for the toilets.

There is a bore hole on the land keeping the water tanks full and providing running water for the school. The wall surrounding the land belonging to the school completes the picture of an inviting environment for the children to learn. The wall prevents the animals straying into the grounds and hopefully the children will be able to grow some plants and shrubs.

The time has come for the children, (in the picture) who began in the nursery, to move to secondary education but unfortunately we are not able to provide this for them yet.

Children were eager to show us round their classrooms and show the work around the walls. As well as learning their own language Kannada, they learn English and Hindi so that they are able to communicate in other areas of India. Science, Maths, Geography, History, Drawing and Computer skills are taught as their basic subjects.

The children are very excited and happy when visitors arrive and appreciate what is being done for them to give them a better start in life. The children entertained us on a day when they should have been on holiday but we were treated to singing, dancing, drama and Bible verses (in English). How many children here would be able to recited Bible verses in another language?

On our visit to the ladies of the sewing centre at Mrs Daniels house we presented certificates to the ladies who had recently completed their course. We were entertained again with singing and dancing, it was unusual to hear Christmas songs when the weather was so warm, Mrs Daniels told us that over 500 ladies have received training and earned certificates. Some of the ladies are now earning money working for themselves.

We were able to see some of the work that had been done, it was beautiful and to a very high standard. There are now three sewing centres increasing the number of ladies who can be helped to learn a trade, also enabling them to have some health education with a nurse who visits the centres.

Visiting the school and sewing centres is very encouraging, the money we send helps so many and enables them to learn a trade and make a better life for themselves and their families.  It also shows how much we take for granted in our own homes. Please continue to keep the staff, helpers and children of the Kids Paradise School and the ladies of the sewing centres in your prayers. If we can help improve their lives a little it means so much to them. Perhaps I will have an opportunity again to visit and learn more of this wonderful work."

Marilyn Draycott