Friends of
Cross Roads for Human Development UK

September 2013

Reg charity no UK 1116524
Reg charity no: SOR 129: Act. 1960—17, Karnataka State, India

Dear Friends and Supporters of CRHD,
Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am sure you must be awaiting to hear the update of the CRHD project in India. Let me say a BIG THANK YOU for all your prayers, thoughts, encouragement and ongoing financial support for the ongoing work in Raichur, India.


It is encouraging to see the group photograph of the whole school re-starting after the summer break. It has around 200 children, but the attendance varies as some of the children are forced to go with their parents to work in different places.

In a changing situation of Indian society, now it is required by all schools until Year Eight to complete the higher middle school. In response to this challenge as well as to the request of parents who are willing to pay tuition fees from Year Eight until Year Ten, now they have 25 children in Year Eight which is accommodated within the existing school building.

There is a Government school in the village which offers education only until Year Eight. As a result they are left with two options: either discontinue their education or to travel to different villages to complete their Matriculation. Consequently, they become helpless and the girls are in particular the victim of such a shift. Knowing the quality of education in our school, the parents have agreed to pay the tuition fees for their children from Year Eight onward, until they complete their matriculation equivalent to our GCSEs. This would eventually be self funded by the fees which helps to pay the class teacher, etc. This means we are only two classes away if we add two more classes for Year Nine and 10 to complete the Matriculation. The Indian CRHD committee is praying and hoping to start Year 9 and accordingly 10 from June 2014. Let us take time to pray for them as they initiate such projects that would enable them to  be self reliant.
We are grateful to God for enabling the school to begin with an assembly every morning and close with a prayer every evening. It is our sincere prayer that every child who comes through the school doors may experience the love of God and excel in their studies. Children do not have the most civilised facilities, but they are grateful for every opportunity they have today in the village. In comparing to the other school, they know that they are given the best education and they strive to excel all the time.


It gives a great pleasure to see the children showing up their uniforms and books they were given at the beginning of June. They are proud of their teacher and want to say BIG THANK YOU to all those who support and pray for them. They are aware that you are their oxygen for their survival in the school and without your help it is not possible for them to be what they are today. Within the last few months they were able to participate in the District sport and science exhibition. They have impressed the education officers with their talents, gifts, manners and studies.
We are ever thankful for the school staff who continue to work hard to create the environment for children to feel safe to grow - not only academically, but also spiritually.  Through their lifestyle they have set an example for them to work hard and respect their elders in their homes. It is very encouraging to see that the staff take turns to read a passage from the Bible, lead the worship and pray not only for themselves, but also for the International CRHD family. They are very humble and willing to do their best in teaching children. They know that their labour in our school is not in vain. We really wish that we could pay them a little more so that they continue to be in the school as well as fulfil their dreams.
We are grateful that though the tailoring training, God has opened opportunities for women coming from different backgrounds to find a common place to know that they are not only given a training but also made to feel that they are special. The ladies are grateful for the privilege of being trained in a Christian context of love and care. They also appreciate the opportunity that is provided for them to share their concerns/issues of all kinds among themselves. It is indeed a great honour to have a responsible person like Mrs. Sundera Daniel who has earned their respect and plays a mother’s role in helping them in different ways. This is a place for them to meet like minded women to talk/share domestic problems in order to find solutions among themselves with the help of Sundera and other staff. The tailoring centre has been progressing from strength to strength. Sundera continues to influence the lives of all those who come through the tailoring centre. Along with training more than 500 women in their diploma so far, this centre also been a great source of spiritual strength for them to stand up on their feet in a society where otherwise they are pushed aside.
I know there are so many of you who have been supporting this charity in so many ways. I know personally that there are some who give directly into the bank, sending cheques to me, organising fund raising events and encouraging others to be part of this wonderful work. There are also a few who give their gifts and prayers very quietly. I thank you for all that you have been doing so far. For example you would be very glad to know that Enderby Methodist Church has its coffee/lunch day to raise money for the school. It is encouraging to know that Didsbury with Barlow Moor Methodist Church has raised around £1200.00 in the last whole year. Thanks to Rev David Harris and Maureen, they have been a great help in promoting CRHD in Ratcliff Bay Methodist Church, which also has raised more than £2295 for the project. Also well done to Rev. Gill Evans for your fund raising event which I think has attracted many holiday makers along with the villagers to participate in order to raise more thank £1800 for the CRHD ministry. Their undivided commitment to support and pray for the work of CRHD is highly appreciated. So on behalf of Kids Paradise and Tailoring centre we would like to say a BIG THAK YOU for your loving and caring financial support and prayers for the work of CRHD in India.
Please pray for the following:
  • For protection for the school in the village and tailoring centre in Raichur city.
  • That the children and staff at the school may continue to excel
  • For the tailoring centre may grow day by day in training, as well as in sharing of the Gospel of Christ.
  • For committed people who could understand our vision and ethos to join the team to give support for the ongoing work of CRHD.
  • For funds to build a multi-purpose hall that can be used for dining, playing and assembly during the rainy season.
  • For funding to build a compound wall around the school, as well the school land for safety.
  • For computers for the school and office.
Once again thank you all for your continuing support for the ministry of CRHD.God bless you.Gill and Joseph