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Cross Roads for Human Development UK

October 2012

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Reg charity no: SOR 129: Act. 1960—17, Karnataka State, India

Dear Friends of CRHD,

We held our AGM in Leicester on the 29th September.  It was a time to hear reports, think about the future, meet up with old friends, make new ones and, afterwards, to share some wonderful Indian food prepared by our Chairman, the Revd Dr Joseph Suray.

CRHD has now been in existence for 10 years and it is wonderful to think back on what God has enabled us to do, firstly in the village of Turukanadoni, which now has a wonderful Higher Primary School and, secondly, the work with women through the Sewing Centre in Raichur.

Joseph welcomed everyone and gave his report as Chairman.  We then heard reports from the various parts of the UK and of the continuing financial support from Switzerland. V arious fund-raising events had been held, from coffee mornings, sales of cards and items made by supporters, to the open house and garden day in Wales.

The Revd Patricia Grudgings had visited the projects in India with Revd Joseph last November.   Peter Holdridge, Marilyn Draycott, her husband Paul and son Adam,  Andrew Megginson and Anna Johnson also visited both the school and the tailoring centre.  They all had a great time and brought back glowing reports.  Marilyn's account can be read under Newsletter on the web-site.

The CRHD web-site is looking very good. Please visit it at:    There you will find a history of the project, photos and news.  Our sincere thanks go to Selina Taylor who has given her time to design it and continues to update for us.

Our treasurer Eric Wardle gave his report. Last year we raised over £22,000, this was some £2,000 less than the previous year.   At present we need £20,000 per year to meet school running costs.

We are as always most grateful to those who support us financially and particularly on a regular basis by means of a standing order/direct debit mandate.

We would encourage anyone interested in the work to help in this way if possible, remembering that gift-aiding the amount will add 22%.  The correct form will soon be available to download from the web-site but equally well, Revd Gill Evans or Revd Joseph can forward it to you by post.

Victoria Holdridge produced some lovely Christmas cards last year and there still plenty of the flower notelets available from Revd Gill (7 designs with envelopes £2.50 or 5 packs for £10.00 + postage.)


Report from India

The School

The new school year started in June.  There are now 202 children enrolled.  Exams results during the previous year were very good. The children take these in Kannada, Maths, English, History and Environmental Studies which includes Science.  Staffing levels remain at 10, the same as last year.

The jeep/minibus continues to transport staff to and from the school and provide an emergency service for the village.  This service costs the project about £2k a year.

There was a six month check-up visit at the school with doctors and nurses from the government hospital.  This visit identified an eye problem and a heart condition. The children were able to have these conditions followed up at the hospital in Raichur.

During the Summer break CRHD conducted VBS (Vacational Bible School) for children at the village school for a week.  Around 200 village children attended and heard the good news of the gospel.  For some this was the first time that they learned about Jesus.  It was a week of fun and learning about the Bible and hopefully will be repeated another year.

Parents would like us to provide secondary education in the village.  Technically, this would be possible by extending the buildings and employing more teachers able to teach at that level.  However we have to disappoint them as at present we have not got sufficient funding to enable this to happen and to maintain it into the future.  It is very sad to have children desperately WANTING to take their education further and being unable to do so.

Only a few of our children have been able to afford to move on to Secondary Education by paying fees to attend the old mission boarding school in Raichur.


The Nuthan Sewing Centre in Raichur

Mrs Daniel continues to do amazing work at the 2 centres in the city, and a third is being set up.  The intake is varied but is mainly young married Muslim and Hindu girls from impoverished backgrounds. Many are illiterate, but at the centres they learn sewing skills that enable them to earn a living to help support their families.  So far more than 500 women have completed their training.

In addition, Mrs Daniel is able to offer counselling and together they pray and read scripture. She is loved and is very much a mother figure to these very young women.  From time to time a nurse/social worker comes to the centres to be available to offer counselling,  discuss health issues and offer advice on various problems.  This is invaluable in a country where any open discussion about sexual matters is taboo.

I hope this brings you up to date with what is going on. If you have good fund-raising ideas please let us know.  Equally well, if you would like someone to come and talk about the project in your area please let us know and we will come if it is feasible.

God bless you all and the work in India.