“Thus far the lord has helped us….” (1Samuel 7:12)

Dear friends,

Greetings to you all in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope this letter will find you well.

It is amazing to see how God helped us to start the CRHD society in 2002 and the progress that it has made so far in India. It is great to witness the way God has transformed the lives of children and women coming from the most deprived background. With the help of CRHD UK and the endless commitment/labour of the Indian CRHD friends these humble lives are given new hope to look beyond their present struggles.

In 2002, CRHD started Kids Paradise school in the village and two tailoring centres in Raichur city, sponsored a young woman and a young man to graduate from a nursing college and has been supporting many individuals who are in the process of receiving higher education. At the moment Rani, the daughter of the late Mr. Sunderaj (First Caretaker of the School) is being sponsored for nursing training in Raichur. It costs £120.00 per month to help her complete this course over four years.

Kids Paradise began with one class room and today we have 10 class rooms. It started with 20 little toddlers in the playgroup but today it has around 200 children in 7 year groups. It started with 2 teachers but now it has 9 teachers, 2 dinner ladies and one carer. The management in India expresses its gratitude to the sponsoring body of CRHD UK for all its financial support and prayers without which it would be almost impossible to see they way CRHD ministry has developed.

Similar to previous years, the school children have won several gold medals in the competition of the International awareness examinations that were conducted by the state government for the year of 2010-2011. When we look back it gives us great joy to see the way the school has excelled in its academic achievement. Without any doubt. the staff work hard to maintain the standard of the school. I am sure we are more than delighted to see how every little that we raise here makes a BIG difference over in India. Having come from very humble backgrounds with limited modern facilities the school children not only have their little dreams but they have taken life seriously and therefore excelled so far.

I must commend you all for making it possible for the school to run smoothly in order to provide basic education based on Christian principles. It also provides the children with a mid-day meal which nourishes them physically. We are delighted to inform you that all those children began in our play group 8 years ago are still enjoying their education and are now in Year 7.

The Nuthan tailoring centre was opened 9 years ago in Raichur. We are grateful to the Bristol Women’s Network that raised not only the initial funding a few years ago but also donated another large gift last year. Since then this centre has trained more than 250 women coming from different religious, social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Its diploma has been highly commended by various officials in the city. Those who have completed their training are able to build up their humble lives. At the moment these women are exposed to various health issues and are encouraged to share their concerns at the centre. It is our sincere desire and prayer that these centres become great witnesses of God’s love in the community. The centre exists also to empower these women, to recognise their identity, worth and also their ability to accomplish even greater things as they reach out to others.

In addition, this centre gives an opportunity for women to come regularly to meet other women, to share their struggles, aspirations and also to express the social and economic difficulties that hinder them from progressing in a male dominated society. It is recognised that they all are trapped in spiritual problems in their domestic lives and hence Mrs. Sundera Daniel is doing a great job by encouraging them “to be themselves”. There are great opportunities to listen, counsel and pray with them. Mrs Daniel also takes the opportunity to share the word of God in small groups and reassures them that they are special and that God loves them. This is how these women have developed confidence in Mrs. Daniel who is there to support them in their journey.

As you already know that Abel’s (the treasurer of CRHD India) wife Suneetha suffered deep burns due to an accident earlier this year. She is out of hospital at the moment but is struggling to cope with the mental scars. Thank you to all those who contributed towards her medical treatment. She still needs to undergo another major operation for which I shall request your prayers. I am also sorry to inform you that Rev. Gill Evans the President of CRHD UK has not been well over the last few months. I would request you all to pray for Gill’s health that she may recover fully.

On behalf of the CHRD trust, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you all for your generous support of prayers, encouragement and finance. CRHD wouldn’t be what it is today without your partnership. We are praying for God to bless us with at least 100 people who could give a standing order of £15.00 per month for the running cost of the CRHD in India.

May I wish you a very happy Christmas and Blessed NEW YEAR 2012.

God bless you,

Rev Dr. Joseph Suray