Cross Roads for Human Development Today

March 2014

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Time to Play


Dear Friends,
Thank you for your prayerful support and encouragement for the continuing ministry of CRHD in Raichur. We are grateful to all those who have taken time to organise fundraising events and have also continued to give generously to meet the needs of the school and the tailoring centre.

I am sure that all of you have been waiting for a CRHD update from India. It therefore gives me great pleasure to give you some of that news and bring you up to date with the progress of the work of CRHD that always brings great joy to us.  Along with the academic learning in the class room there is also time for children to play. Can you imagine children playing football without shoes and always enjoying passing the ball to one another!

Here are our year 8 students attending an educational tour. After their journey with the staff, they look very tired but still willing to work at their Indian books for the photograph. This also shows how inclusive our school is in welcoming children from all castes and religions. They all are aware that they are studying in a Christian school where they are given the opportunity not only to learn in academic lessons but are also introduced to Jesus.

Searching Scripture


Outside the academic work the greatest achievement of our school is the opportunity for all children coming from different castes and backgrounds to read the Bible, learn to pray and know that God loves them. The parents are always wanting to know what their children learn in the school and are pleased to see children taking part in school assemblies, the Christmas programme and Vocational Bible School (Similar to our Summer Holiday Clubs). Children go home and tell their parents what they have been learning at the school. In a real sense our children have become our ambassadors to their own families and the community. This is impossible to do otherwise as we cannot go and tell them about the Gospel. We are happy to say that even our staff who come from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds are enthusiastic to read the Bible and teach it to the children.

Time to Pray


Time to Dance

The journey from bondage to freedom:
The traditional journey for girls in Indian society is to be engaged in domestic child labour or forced into arranged marriages. Most of the time parents think that from an early age girls should be domestic helpers in the house or go with their mothers to do other work. Parents think girls are nothing but a burden and therefore try to get them married off as early as possible and so they are forced into arranged marriages whether they like it or not. As a married woman it becomes a long struggle; working in a ‘stranger's’ house, living with a stranger where as a  wife she becomes a domestic servant and at a very early age gives birth to children. Their freedom is taken away and they are left with no choice of their own but to conform in order to keep their parents happy.

As you know the teachers in the school have transformed the attitude of parents regarding their daughters. Today we can thank God that these innocent girls are taught in our school where they learn the meaning of freedom, are encouraged to make choices and to know how precious they are. Instead of being crushed under various responsibilities, now we know how wonderful and happy they look as they present their talents through their dance. This is their journey from bondage to freedom.

Time to Focus

Tailoring Centre: From bondage of family to freedom of fellowship:  Most of the women who come to the tailoring centre have either not completed their schooling or been unable to continue into secondary or further education owing  to various family situations. After their classes at the tailoring centre the women are given the opportunity to meet to discuss the various issues they face both in their families and outside. The women are forced to marry early and then to take on many responsibilities demanded by the ‘in-laws’.  Their domestic work never ends even during advanced pregnancy. We need to thank God that the tailoring centre has given them a confidence that enables them to share and discuss the concerns that matter most to them.

Earlier this year Mrs. Daniel organised a ‘mother and toddler camp’ where the health of both mothers and toddlers was checked. They also had time to play games and share fellowship over food. It was an instant success and Mrs. Daniel has been asked to organise another event.

Mrs. Sundera Daniel, a skilled listener, is like a mentor and mother to them. She also encourages them through Bible study, counselling and prayers. The students often visit the centre when they need help. They find a refuge where they can confide in Sundera in order to gain advice and strength to move on in their lives. This is just one example of how the women are benefitting from Sundera’s teaching.

Time to Share

Please pray for the following:That all CRHD friends may enjoy God’s blessings as they support and pray for the ministry in India.

  • For all activities of CRHD in the school as well as the tailoring centre in Raichur city that it may go from strength to strength.
  • That the parents of children and families of women in the tailoring centres may know the love of God.
  • That the CRHD staff may enjoy good health.
  • For Mrs. Daniel’s ministry of encouragement to the women at the tailoring centre and her outreach work in the neighbourhood.
  • For protection of the ongoing work of CRHD.
  • For funds to build a multi-purpose hall that can be used for dining, playing and for holding assembly during the rainy season.

God bless you all,  Joseph