CRHD Spring Newsletter 2016


Year 7 students with the staff
Dear Friends,
It gives me great pleasure to write this letter with a grateful heart; for your continuing, prayerful financial help that has encouraged the work of CRHD in the village school and the tailoring centre, thank you. It is a great joy to see how the children coming from different castes and less privileged families continue to learn together without any discrimination under the roof of CRHD today.
Since our last update, I know you will all be delighted to know that the construction of the compound wall has been completed. This wall has given the school a sense of ownership, security and freedom to play, and to enjoy learning without the fear of wild animals or vehicles passing through the school property. I think it is appropriate that on behalf of CRHD here and in India, to say thank you to Patricia and Gerald, for their timely and thoughtful financial support which allowed this dream to be accomplished.
The staff and children have asked us to inform you all, that “they are very happy and excited at the completion of the wall - It has brought great happiness and protection to the CRHD community in the village. Now as you see from the pictures, the children can play games without worrying about the traffic. We are pleased to inform you that the school has started growing its own vegetables, which is a great help. We as staff and children would like to say how grateful we are for your generosity and kindness in helping us to see our prayers and dream come true. We can’t see each other, but we continue to pray for you in our school assembly every day.”
Congratulations to the staff for their hard work in completing the syllabus and preparing children for their final exams. Having seen the previous year’s results, the staff is confident that the school will get excellent scores once again and they are proud of those who attain distinctions. The photo shows some of those girls. They are proud of the hard work that has brought great achievement
Each year the school goes through a sad moment of saying farewell to our year 7 students. So this year, the school arranged a special programme for all students and particularly for those leaving. The parents are proud of our school for preparing their children to face the challenges in the years ahead in High School. The programme was full of entertainment with songs, dances and well-wishes. It is amazing and very moving to see the children contributing their  small amount of money (to the surprise of the staff) towards a loving gift - a stainless steel water tank which is a sign of gratitude to the school for all that they have gained.
Once again the school organised the Vocational Bible School programme, (Similar to our Summer Holiday Clubs) this time with the theme “You are my witnesses”. 100 students attended the VBS daily and 10 staff were involved in helping.  It is the highlight of the CRHD ministry/achievement, as it provides the opportunity for all children to read the Bible, learn to pray and know that God loves them. As usual, the community was curious to know what their children learnt in the school, and were happy to witness the children taking part in school assemblies and Christmas programmes. Additionally, it was a blessing that most of the uneducated parents could learn through their children. In practice, our children are great witnesses to their own families and community. Every year VBS gives an opportunity for our staff - coming from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds - to show how interested they are in the Bible and during this time they teach it to the children.
The Tailoring Centre continues to attract women from different corners of the City, not only to inquire, but to enthusiastically enrol themselves as students to learn various skills. It seems as if all those who study here have become ambassadors to talk about the Centre and the care received from Mrs Daniel. Most of the students were married at an early age, have children, and were forced to become carers for their so called “elderly in-laws” and therefore do a lot of routine domestic work. So, with their tailoring skills, they are now equipped to make their homes better for everyone. As I said earlier, the centre provides a space for women, not only to get out of their homes briefly, but also to think differently and share any pressing concerns. They gain comfort from this, and often confidence to go home to face another day. We need to praise God because they are given an opportunity to read the Bible, listen, pray and sing. As a result they are encouraged and share with their families what they have learnt in the centre. We owe thanks to Mrs Daniel and her colleague Esther, who work so hard to see that everyone who comes through our doors is welcomed and secure.
Please pray for the following:
  1. Praise God, for the construction of the compound wall around the school that has now been completed. 
  2. Praise God, for our CRHD friends for their prayerful financial support and pray that they may continue to be instrumental in promoting and raising the much-needed finance to sustain and develop the project.
  3. Pray for the start of the construction of a multi-purpose hall, for dining, playing and assembly during the rainy season.
  4. For the CRHD Staff as they continue to serve the community and that we shall be able to pay them enough to meet their needs.
  5. For CRHD’s financial needs £23,000 per year to pay the staff, provide the midday meal for the children and maintain the School as well as the women’s centre.
  6. For the CRHD community health care programme to help rural people understand the importance of their health in order to live a healthy life.
  7. That through the school, tailoring centre and summer holiday Bible club, CRHD may be a great witness of God’s love and faithfulness in the Indian caste-dominated society.
  8. For CRHD to see the realisation of the dream that one day the Education Centre may be built for God’s glory.
For anyone within reach of the Gower Peninsula, Gill is holding her annual fundraising day on Saturday 18th June. Coffee from 10am, wonderful lunches 12.30 and then afternoon teas 3.30pm.
As always, the Indian CRHD committee is grateful for your continuing support for the on-going work. Your sacrificial giving has already made a world of difference to the lives of village children in the school and woman in the tailoring centre and also in the surrounding areas and in the city.
CRHD in India remains grateful to you and is praying for you to have all of God’s blessings during this summer.
Thank you for you continuing support.
God bless you.
Gill and Joseph