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CRHD Newsletter January 2015

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Dear Friends,

When we look back to see how the Lord has brought us thus far, we all have every reason to join King David to say, “Bless the Lord O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits….”. I hope you all agree with me that you are very much part of this praise and thanksgiving for the life of CRHD and its progress in India so far. Your sacrificial financial support and your dedication for the progress of CRHD in India is another reason for us to praise God. This is to let you know how grateful we are for all that the Lord has done through your lives. Therefore it gives me great pleasure to update you with all that the Lord is doing in the village of Turukanadoni and the city of Raichur.

The Kids Paradise School begins in the morning at 9.00am and closes in the evening at 4.00pm. They are taught Literacy, Art, English, personal health care, Religious Education, Maths, Science, History, Environmental Science, Geography, games and they have a healthy mid-day meal.
The Kids paradise school is growing from strength to strength in attracting children from different villages. The number of children has increased from 54 to 180, reflecting the different sexes, castes and economic backgrounds of people in the village. 

Parents are grateful to the school for the midday meal, which is a great help for the children; otherwise most of them will not have anything to eat at lunch. The children and parents are made to understand the importance of the personal discipline in order to build up a better community in the midst of a caste-dominated society.

I am happy to inform you that by God’s grace and the hard work of the staff, the school children have passed their mid-term exams. Everyone who comes through the school doors is accepted as a gift from God. The staff continues to do their best to offer them an opportunity to develop their personality in order to flourish in society.

The greatest joy of the year as usual is the Christmas celebration that constantly reminds them that Jesus is the wonderful Gift of God for them all. It is a time to tell all Christmas events through various dramas to all who come to witness the event. Parents are happy to see school children demonstrating their talents of singing and memorising Bible verses.

As I said earlier, you are the life of this project, which makes it function and work in the way it is progressing, otherwise without such support it would not survive. Therefore I am grateful to all of you for your partnership in this ministry.

It is my great pleasure to let you know that Joseph has published a book this December. I hope you would be interested to have a look at the publisher's website. Just search The details about the book is as follows - Towards a Theology of Universality: John Wesley’s Socio-Economic, Political & Moral Insights on British Class & Indian Caste Distinctions. Since the publisher gives 40% discount to Joseph as Author, he has decided that any profit from the sale of the book through him would go to CRHD. For your information the publisher’s price is £ 29.76 pounds, if you are interested please let joseph know so that he can order as many copies from the publisher’s.

Mrs Sundera Daniel writes from the Nuthan Tailoring Center, Raichur, India:

"I am glad to inform you that our institute is running successfully so far with several women attending the centre regularly. We have two categories of people: those who already have some education and those who have never been to school. This has challenged us to develop two different teaching methods, enabling these two groups of women to learn according to their own space which seems to be working very well.  It is encouraging to see that these students are prepared to stitch dresses in different designs for all ages. Also, due to a lack of childcare at home some students bring their kids which gives us an opportunity to extend our love to the whole family. They always come to the centre to celebrate their success and continue to promote our work to bring others. Their keen interest is shown through their regular attendance and completing their homework on time.

NTC out reach work :- We have begun a Sunday school for kids, Cottage Prayer day and youth prayer in our colony (Nazaraya colony). By God’s grace they are running successfully so far. We had a very fruitful mission weekend in the month of August 29th , 30th and 31th that gave an opportunity for young people not only to commit their lives to Jesus but also to serve God wherever they are.

The joy of this year is that one of the students shared her journey to the tailoring Centre about how grateful she is for the prayerful training centre, which has transformed her life.  As a result, after completing her course, she has started her own tailoring place which is very useful to her family. The other students were encouraged by her testimony and motivated to do the same. You would be happy to know that students and parents are able to see the difference between our centre and the rest in the town.  This is because students not only talk about prayer but ask us to start their work with prayer knowing that Jesus will help them to complete their training. It is fascinating to see how quickly they grasp spiritual matters along with their tailoring skills. Before they leave the class they ask to us pray for them and look forward coming to class. Their family members are proud of their success and they have become agents of change in their communities.

It was a great honour to have Rev. Dr. Swami Raju (the Chairman of CRHD India) as a chief guest on our Christmas programme. He blessed us with encouragement, affirmed what we are and motivated us to take challenges in order to fulfil the vision of Dr. Joseph Suray.  He also shared the Christmas message of how God loved us all, that he sent his only Son Jesus who died on the cross for our sins and rose again to give us eternal hope. It was a time of celebration for the centre when 25 students were awarded with diplomas for completing their tailoring course.  On behalf of our tailoring centre, we would like to thank you all for your prayerful support for us. Be assured of our sincere prayers and thought for you and for your families.  May God bless you all and may his blessing be always with you.”

Thank you all for your sincere prayers and financial support for the project. Along with your fund raising events and regular financial contributions, may I request you also to pray for this vision to be accomplished fully.

Please pray for the following:

  1. The project may be protected and surrounded by God’s presence all the time.
  2. The school and the women’s centre may grow from strength to strength to be a better witness for Christ as well as everyone who attends the school and the centre to see Christ
  3. The sacrificial service of the staff in serving the communities where sometimes they come across very aggressive responses from those who do not understand the vision.
  4. Construction of the compound wall around the school for protection, which would cost around £ 17000 pounds.
  5. Construction of a Hall and a kitchen away from the main building for the health and safety purpose that would cost around £ 20000 pounds.

Thank you all for your continuing support.

God bless you.

Gill and Joseph


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