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CRHD Newsletter Winter 2015

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Reg charity no: SOR 129: Act. 1960—17, Karnataka State, India

Dear Friends,
We have every reason to thank God for blessing CRHD with all the good friends who have been praying, encouraging and supporting it with their sacrificial giving to continue the work of CRHD in India.
So, let me begin this letter with our heartfelt gratitude for your prayerful financial support that has encouraged us as we have seen the village school and the tailoring centre grow from strength to strength. When we look at rural India, it becomes clear that as desire for higher education grows, the children coming from the less privileged backgrounds continue to suffer due to the caste system that prevents them from moving out of the poverty trap.

Despite our limitations, we have managed to run Kids Paradise school  for 13 years now and that has not only brought committed teachers to teach with us but has also seen many children come through the school gates. Their latent talents, skills and gifts are not only affirmed but also sharpened by the well-trained staff. It is good news for all of us to know that all our year seven-students have moved on to  secondary schools in nearby towns where they have continued to excel in their academic life. For example, you would be delighted to know some that children who started in Kids Paradise nursery class 13 years ago, have now completed their GCSEs, scoring more than 85% in the final exams and have moved on to study for “A” level in Science and Maths. Today all of those children are very proud to tell others that it is only because of the foundation they had in Kids Paradise School that they are able to build their dreams to succeed in college. So “well done Kids Paradise” for all its hard work, prayers, teaching and caring every day support for their children which has not gone in vain.  This can only happen because of the dedicated teaching staff who are well qualified with post-graduation degrees and committed to do their best to see children get what is best in order to reach higher education through college life.

We are also very happy to inform you that the school has now given the opportunity to more than 30 young teachers as fresh graduates/postgraduates to teach in our school. In their CV they are proud to name Kids Paradise school as their first teaching post.

Development: Compound wall construction, kitchen/hall construction

It has been the dream of Indian CRHD friends to see a compound wall constructed around the school property for safety purpose. We are delighted to inform you that although it has taken almost more than 10 years to realise that dream, by God’s grace and with a generous gift from one of our friends, at last the construction of the wall has begun. We hope this project will be completed within a few months and this will not only protect the property but will also ensure that the children and staff will be in a safer environment, away from any possible danger.

The construction of the wall has brought great joy and excitement to the CRHD community and the children are really hoping to have space to play cricket without running onto the busy road to field balls. This development will mean the relocation of the existing temporary water tank, staff toilets, small kitchen room and washing area for children over to the corner of the property where we plan to build a new hall/kitchen and store room.  We are hoping to complete all this work within a year, which means that all those who visited the school in the past will have a surprise to see how far we have progressed. This will also enable us to plant lots of trees and grow our own vegetables, which is great.

The Tailoring centre in the city of Raichur has grown from strength to strength in training women from all backgrounds. It has transformed their lives by  recognising their gifts and skills, given them new hope to re-start a career and excitement as they gain confidence, enabling them to stand on their own feet.  This has encouraged their families to support them in taking further training. You will be surprised to learn that for example, out of 28 women at the centre, in any one class only 3 have attended high school. The rest were unable to do so because many of them were married at a very early age, bore children, and a lack of money prevented them from taking a bold step. So it is a great challenge for Sundera Daniel as she trains them, and also has the opportunity to encourage them to see how they can move forward in education while being part of city life. This centre continues to provide an environment for women from different castes, creeds and religions to come together, learn together, share together and recognise how “ignorance” and lack of courage to ask questions is a common enemy that prevents their progress. Here they are also given an opportunity to see a different world of free expression, a spirit of affirmation and love that accepts every person as an equal.

Progress report: Nursing students, college students:
Along with the Kids Paradise and Tailoring centre, we are happy to inform you that individual friends sponsored some students to study for their nursing training and another for an engineering degree. CRHD has changed the thinking of some and transformed others to dream of serving the community in gratitude for what we have done for them.

For example we can hear some their testimonies:
My Name is Stanley: By God’s grace and with the financial support from CRHD friends I have completed my nursing training. At the moment I am working in one of the hospitals in Bombay where I am able to live my life by standing on my own feet. This has enabled me to marry Mary and we are expecting our first baby hopefully on the 25th December. This training has transformed my whole being to see God’s plans for my life to serve people in the hospital and be a source of encouragement to their families. I am grateful to God for placing me in a situation where I can share some of my training and income to help others in their needs.

My name is Rani Sundar Raj. By God’s grace and with your financial support I have now completed my nursing course. With this training I have be able to join Navodaya Hospital in Raichur. I am forever grateful to CRHD for helping me to be what I am today. How I wish my father, who worked as the school caretaker  when it first opened could have been here to see me growing up and my success but unfortunately he passed away while working at the school.  To be honest, without your financial help I do not think it would have been possible for me to stand on my own two feet today. In gratitude, while working in the hospital, I will do whatever is needed to help CRHD here in India. Thank you for your prayers and your concern for me and for my brothers who are also doing well in their studies. My mother continues to serve as a dinner lady at the school.

Vehicle: Year after year teachers have come to work at our school and we are grateful for their services. However, once they get offered a job in a government school which is able to offer a higher salary, they leave us. We are happy that they go with the experience of teaching in our school but we are also sad because we have to replace them year after year. As a result, finding teachers willing to work in a village school is always difficult. It is more than 8 years since we bought the Jeep that has been a great help in transporting staff and children to the school. Due to bad road conditions on country roads, it has been a great challenge to maintain the vehicle, especially during the monsoon season and as a result it has become expensive to repair and to continually replace the tyres. In short, the vehicle is tired and has done its best for CRHD all these years.  It has been a great help in times of emergency and has been used to transport people from the city to the village and vice versa. It has also been used to transport children from neighbouring villages and sick people to a doctor or hospital. Therefore, we request you all to pray that the Lord may bless us with the needed funding to replace this vehicle before the next school year.

Please pray for the following:

  1. Praise God, for the construction of the compound wall around the school which has now begun.  Pray for the start of the construction of a multi-purpose hall, for dining, playing and assembly during the rainy season.
  2. For the CRHD Staff as they continue to serve the community and that we shall be able to pay them enough to meet their needs.
  3. For CRHD’s financial needs; £20,000 per year to pay the staff, provide the midday meal for the children and maintain the School as well as the women’s centre.
  4. For the CRHD community health care programme, to help rural people understand the importance of their health in order to live a healthy life.
  5. That through the school, tailoring and summer holiday Bible Club CRHD may be a great witness for God’s love and faithfulness in the Indian caste dominated society.
  6. That CRHD may find the financial resources to carry on the vision to expand its work.
  7. That CRHD may have more friends outside India to pray, promote and to raise needed finance to develop the project.
  8. For the CRHD dream to see that one day the Education Centre may be built for God’s glory.
As always, the Indian CRHD committee is grateful for your continuing support for the on-going work. Your sacrificial giving has already made a world of difference to the lives of village people and also in the surrounding areas and in the city.

CRHD in India is thinking of you all in gratitude and praying for you to have all of God’s blessings during this Christmas season in order to accomplish all that God has in store for you.
We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a blessed New Year in 2016.
Thank you for you continuing support.
God bless you.
Gill and Joseph


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