CRHD October Newsletter 2016

Dear friends,
Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As usual you must be wanting to hear an update on the work of CRHD. Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, encouragement and continuing financial support for the ongoing work in Raichur, South India.

You will be pleased to see the group photograph of the Kids Paradise School, taken when classes re-started after the summer holidays. The school has around 200 children but numbers fluctuate when parents force their children to work on the land. The school continues to encourage parents to understand the value of education and to discourage them from taking children away to work with them in the city. Unfortunately, unemployment in the village and the poverty caused by the lack of the monsoon rains puts rural populations at risk and forces many to migrate to the big cities.

We would dearly like to see our children continue with us until they complete their matriculation, but due to lack of financial resources we are not able to extend classes beyond Year 7 and this puts families in a difficult situation: either to discontinue their education or to send their children to a town where they can complete their further studies. Girls in particular become victims of such a change. It is sad that when village people who are financially able to pay towards fees for their children do not do so, knowing that friends of CRHD in the UK are supporting the school.

It is encouraging to see that by God's grace the school begins with an assembly every morning and closes with a prayer every evening. It is our sincere prayer that every child who comes through the school doors may experience the love of God and may do their best in their studies. Children and staff are grateful for the new compound wall that gives them a sense of security. The staff and the children are grateful for every opportunity they have today in the village. The school is open and welcomes children from all castes and enables them to develop a sense of belonging to a common human family. Here in the photo we see children along with their class teacher holding up their uniforms and the books they were given at the beginning of this academic year. As usual, they are proud of their teacher and want to say BIG THANK YOU to all those who support and pray for them. They know that you provide their resources. Since the start of the school year they have been participating in District Sports, quiz programs and a science exhibition. Their talents, gifts, manners and progress in their personal development have been highly appreciated by the visiting education officers.

Here is the school staff team who continue to work hard to create the environment for our children to feel safe to grow - not only academically, but also spiritually. Through their lifestyle they have set an example to encourage the children to work hard and respect their elders at home. You will be pleased to know that the staff, who come from different castes and religious backgrounds are happy to take turns in reading a passage from the Bible, leading worship and praying, not just for themselves, but also for the international CRHD family. They always want to do their very best for the children.

As you know from previous letters, the tailoring centre provides the opportunity for women who come from various backgrounds to find a common place where they know that they are not only given training, but are also made to feel that they are special. The women are grateful for the privilege of being trained in a Christian context of love and care, which in addition provides them with a space where they can share their personal concerns and issues with one another. We are grateful for Mrs. Sundera Daniel who has earned their respect and plays a mother's role in helping them in many different ways. The centre has become a common meeting place for like-minded women to talk and share with the help of Sundera and other staff. The tailoring centre itself has progressed from strength to strength. In addition to training more than 600 women for their diploma, the centre has also been a great source of spiritual strength for them.

I know there are so many of you who support this charity in so many ways. I know that there are some who donate directly into the bank, some send cheques, or organise fundraising events and encourage others to be part of this wonderful work. There are also a few who give their gifts and prayers very quietly. I thank you for all that you have done so far. Again we are grateful to Rev. Gill Evans and her friends for the EPIC fund raising event in June which raised more than £3600 for the work of CRHD. Their commitment to supporting the work of CRHD is highly appreciated. So on behalf of Kids Paradise and the Tailoring centre we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your loving, caring and financial support and prayers for the work of CRHD in India.

After the completion of the compound wall, we now see that the long awaited multipurpose hall/kitchen/store room construction has begun. We are grateful for the various groups and individuals who have generously contributed towards this project. As I said earlier, for all these years, food was cooked in a tiny shed, which was not safe and children were sitting on the ground with their plate to have their lunch. The staff and children are more than delighted to see their long awaited dream coming true and cannot wait to enjoy the indoor activities. Let us continue to pray that this work may progress, reach fulfilment and continue to attract more children to the school.

Please pray for the following:

  1. Praise God for those who have generously donated the funds needed to build a multi-purpose hall and the donation for the building of a compound wall around the whole school premises.
  2. The CRHD Staff in India who continue to work hard to serve people while receiving a very small stipend. By God's grace we are able to pay them enough for their needs to be met.
  3. CRHD needs £20,000 per year to pay for the teaching staff, provide lunch for the children and maintain the school as well as the women's centre.
  4. The CRHD community health care programme to help rural people to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  5. That CRHD may be a great witness for God's love and faithfulness in the caste dominated society in India.
  6. That CRHD may find the necessary resources to carry on the vision and to expand its work.
  7. That CRHD may have more 'friends' outside India to pray, promote and to raise the necessary finance.
  8. That the dream of CRHD to see an Education Centre built for God's glory may one day be realised.
  9. For protection for the school in the village and the tailoring centre in Raichur city.
  10. That the children and staff at the school may continue to excel.
  11. For the tailoring centre, that it may grow day by day through training, as well as by sharing the Gospel of Christ.
  12. For committed people who understand our vision and ethos to join the team to give support for the ongoing work of CRHD.
  13. For funds to build toilets for both children and staff.
The Indian CRHD committee expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the friends of CRHD both in the UK and Switzerland for their love, care and prayerful financial support, without which the project would be impossible.
"We are aware of your prayers and also your personal interest in the development of the vision of CRHD to serve the marginalised community in India. Your sacrificial giving has already made a world of difference to the lives of people in the village, the surrounding areas and in the city.
CRHD India is thinking of you all in gratitude and praying that you may have God's blessing in order to accomplish all God has in store for you".

Once again thank you all for your continuing support for the ministry of CRHD.
God bless you,
Gill and Joseph.