Cross Roads for Human Development Today

August 2014

Reg charity no UK 1116524
Reg charity no: SOR 129: Act. 1960—17, Karnataka State, India

Dear Friends

It is time for us to let you know what has been happening since we sent you the CRHD update in February. The CRHD family has every reason to thank God for His faithfulness in providing all that CRHD needs so far to continue the Kids Paradise School in the village and the Women’s Tailoring Centre in Raichur.  Your generous financial support and prayers are the oxygen for the survival of our work in India otherwise it would not see another day to enjoy the care that provides a holistic development.

As usual Raichur has temperatures between 38-45C during summer when the school and tailoring centre have no option other than to face life. Children were able to write their final exams and were excited to know that all of them have passed with excellent grades. While the staff are busy in coaching children to do their best, children also are eager to learn more and that is how they show their aptitude for creative learning.


With the summer break over, the school began a new year in the month of June and the children are excited to be back at school and now in a new grade. It is also the time when they are given a new school uniform and books for which they are extremely grateful. They missed school meals during the summer and happy to come back not only to start their classes but also to enjoy a healthy mid-day meal. Parents are happy to encourage their children to spend their time fruitfully.

We are grateful to Peter Holdridge and his friends who donated enough money to purchase three new computers for the school. Both the staff and children are excited to see this new equipment from which to learn this year.  The addition of computers makes Kids Paradise very distinct, enabling both the children, and the  parents to talk to others. As we know, there is very often a shortage of electricity and under such circumstances it is challenging to seize the moment and adjust the daily timetable in order to learn basic computer skills when there is power. This also has attracted parents from surrounding villages to pay a special visit to the school and be encouraged as they see the progress of their children.

The Revd Gill Evans held her annual open day in Rhossili, South Wales, and a sum of £2.500 was raised towards the work of CRHD. A big thank you to all who attended or who sent donations.

We are grateful to Sundera, Ravi and Snehalatha for their leadership which continues to make a huge difference to the smooth running of the CRHD project. The staff team works brilliantly to accomplish all that is required by the local government. While teaching in our school they are able to develop professionally by updating their teaching skills and gaining more confidence. Please pray that these teachers may continue to flourish in our school and stay longer so that we do not have to worry about finding new staff. We are informed that Ravi and his wife Shantakumari were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in June. They would appreciate our prayers as they learn to be good parents and adjust to a new life with a baby in the family.

Sundera and her colleagues are doing great job in reaching out to the families of all those who come to the Tailoring Centre in Raichur. The women are trained in sewing and embroidery skills, but they are also given the opportunity to send their children to Saturday School, similar to Sunday school, where they are taught about the Bible and learn Christian songs. It is amazing how Sundera has developed this skill of reaching out to families in the area and parents are happy and confident to send their children to the school. The Tailoring centre is a great witness for the love of God and the Gospel. Families coming from other faiths feel comfortable to send their family members to this centre knowing that they are taught things that are helpful for them all. The centre is able to extend a Christian fellowship to those who otherwise wouldn't have such an experience elsewhere.

Thank you all for continuing to support the CRHD project in India. The developments that have been made with your donations have improved the lives of so many people, and we hope that we are able to continue to help many more in the future.

Please pray for the following:

  1. The stability of the staff at the school, in order to meet the challenges as the school continues to develop.
  2. The realisation of a multi-purpose hall that can be used for dining, playing and assembly during the rainy season.
  3. Protection for the school and the tailoring centre in Raichur.
  4. Continuing outreach ministry through the tailoring centre.
  5. All those who have donated regularly, which we pray will continue in the years to come.

God bless you all,

Joseph and Gill